Oral Placement Therapy (OPT)

American Speech and Language Pathologist Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson (in picture) founded TalkTools to help those with speech, oral placement, and feeding difficulties. Using an approach based on sensory and tactile input, she provided clients with effective therapy and the best possible outcomes. As she taught more people about oral placement therapy techniques, the therapists and caregivers attending her courses expressed a desire for tools specifically designed to help them implement what they had learned. In response, she developed the TalkTools brand and range of tools and equipment.

TalkTools combines caregiver and therapist lead approaches. Parents and caregivers can learn the basics of TalkTools, and use these with their child. Therapists can undertake TalkTools training to a variety of levels. TalkTools techniques are not usually used in isolation, but form part of an overall approach to communication and feeding therapy.


Client groups

TalkTools is used with a wide range of client groups. These may include people with: Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Dyspraxia. TalkTools works well for people whose speech and feeding difficulties have a sensory, motor or oral placement basis to them

TalkTools uses a hierarchical approach and includes visual, auditory, sensory and tactile inputs to help with learning and production of the movements for improved feeding and speech skills.

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