We are pleased to announce that Helen will be coming back to Lausanne the 11-13 November 2022.



The first public racing event for people with disabilities.

The Handi-Challenge 2022 will be on June 11.

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We organize sessions with therapists of differents therapies. These therapies empower the caregivers of children with disabilities by teaching them different techniques.


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We raise awareness about disabilities by organizing and participating in different events and activities.

Our vision

"We envision a world where anyone with a disability can live to the fullest of their abilities."

Guillaume and Maggie Goudy

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Therapies that prove themselves

CME® and TalkTools® are practical and effective therapies that allow the child and his parents to reproduce certain actions daily.

Give access to new therapies

We give access to different therapies so that parents can have more information and thus help their children with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest.

Raise awareness among the general public

We carry out awareness-raising activities/events related to disability by organizing and participating in different events.

Provide solutions

Since its creation, Handi-capable believes in the benefits of inclusive education for children with disabilities

Our partners

The activities of Handi-Capable would not be possible without the generous support of our partners.