May 19th 2019

Handi-Challenge 2022

Morges Handi-Challenge 2022: The 4rd edition of the first public race for people with disabilities Supported by the city of Morges, the Handi-Challenge 2022 aims to highlight the sporting achievements of all children and adults with any disability. 1 day 6 types of...

June 13th 2019

TalkTools® in Lausanne : Therapy & Evaluation

TalkTools in Lausanne : Therapy & Evaluation We are pleased to announce that Helen comes to Switzerland twice a year to provide informative Talk Tools evaluations with our Handi-Capable children. TalkTools sessions will be held at Ibis Crissier from June 5th to...

February 11th to 22nd

Method CME

After allowing many children to participate in TalkTools workshops, Handi-Capable is excited to give some children and their families the opportunity to discover different types of physical exercises in the motor rehabilitation method"CME". This method was initiated...