In the classroom

One of Handi-Capable’s primary goals is to help educate the public about handicaps. Through improved knowledge and acceptance of handicaps, we believe that the public will SEE the individuals and not their handicap.

Developing this sense of awareness in younger children, we feel, translates into acceptance later in life. So this year, for the first time, we are organizing informal get-togethers between the public/private schools around the region and the specialized school. Prior to the get-togethers, we go to the public/private classrooms to explain handicaps, Cerebral Palsy and the challenges of daily living for these individuals. The focus, however, is on the similarities between the two groups of children not the physical differences–they all have goals to reach, tasks to complete, joys to experience and much more.

The get-togethers, thus far, have gone extremely well with very positive feedback from both children and teachers. We would like to thank the many special people that helped and continue to help support these events.

Should you or your school like to organize a get together, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone:

+41 21 552 1001 or email: